Sometimes referred to as a turkey neck or waddle, a sagging neck is caused by a relaxing of the neck muscles and skin over time. Dr. Rowe performs expert neck lift surgery in NYC to help men and women look younger by eliminating the loose skin of their neck, chin, and jaw. This is done through an almost invisible incision. Tightening and smoothing the neck in conjunction with facelift surgery can have dramatic results. Liposuction can also be performed during neck lifting to achieve optimal contouring and the most pleasing results.

Your Neck Lift

Dr. Rowe specializes in plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation and the neck is a vital part of a more youthful appearance. He pays expert attention to concealing necklift incisions under the chin and behind the ears. From these points he will tighten your neck muscles and address sagging skin, creating a beautiful new neck contour. As needed, liposuction may be used to further smooth and shape the neck.

Neck Lift Recovery

Your smoother neck will be evident just after surgery and you will continue to see improvement as your muscles and newly tightened skin heal. If you choose to have combined facelift and necklift surgery, you may opt for short-term nursing care for a few days after your cosmetic surgery, though it is not required. Dr. Rowe and his staff can recommend excellent, private nursing care in a local hospital, hotel, or in your own home. Within 10-14 days you should feel comfortable resuming your regular activities.

Neck Lift Results

Patients are amazed at how Dr. Rowe’s neck plastic surgery can take years off their appearance. He is widely regarded for natural cosmetic surgery with nearly invisible incisions. When combined with a facelift, neck lift surgery can dramatically renew your appearance and invigorate your outlook on life.

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