Brow lift surgery helps restore your youthful appearance by smoothing the lines of your forehead and revitalizing sagging skin. Though not a full facelift procedure, an eyebrow lift is plastic surgery that will significantly address the facial signs of aging by reducing frown lines at the bridge of the nose and across the forehead. New York plastic surgeon Dr. Normal Rowe is highly skilled in browlifts, also referred to as forehead lifts, and the expert tightening of the muscles and skin of the forehead to correct a furrowed or drooping brow. Some patients believe they need an upper eyelid lift, but many times a brow lift is all that’s needed. Dr. Rowe will help you determine the optimal procedure for you.

Your Brow Lift

Dr. Rowe will perform your brow lift at our state-of-the-art New York surgical center on site. During your eyebrow lift, he will address weakened forehead muscles and skin that has lost its elasticity over time. Through three small incisions at the scalp he will lift the forehead and eyebrows with the aid of a small endoscope (camera) to create a tighter, smoother appearance. Dr. Rowe is highly skilled in the natural rejuvenation of the face using both traditional plastic surgery and the most advanced and minimally invasive methods available today.

Brow Lift Recovery

After your brow and forehead lift, you will rest in our comfortable and private recovery room, and return home for a few days of rest before resuming your normal activities.

Brow Lift Results

Dr. Rowe’s expertise in facial rejuvenation and eyebrow lifts delivers the most pleasing results possible. He widely regarded for procedures that yield nearly invisible healing. Your eyebrow lift will noticeably and naturally soften your appearance and brighten your facial expressions, leaving you looking and feeling more refreshed!

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